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Wild is a salmon river linoleum block print on tiles. This northwest art tile mural is perfect for a rustic cabin kitchen backsplash idea. The wild salmon and mountainscape will add a serene focal point to any rustic cabin decor. Also great as decorative bathroom tiles in a cabin bathroom remodeling project.

Mimi Williams is a Northwest printmaker from Olympia, Washington. She carves each image in a linoleum block to create an original print. She is inspired by the beauty of the Northwest and her work includes tree filled woods, birds and Salmon fish.

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Tile Material Choices

ceramic tiles 

Ceramic Tiles
4.25 & 6 inch tiles
Our ceramic tiles are ideal for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom tiles, shower/tub enclosures, and wall murals.  We use Dal ceramic tiles with  built-in spacers for easy installation.  The smooth satin finish will add a smooth, vibrant appearance to accent tiles and murals.

*Intended for indoor wall usage only

tumbled marble tiles

Tumbled Marble Tiles
4 & 6 inch tiles
Our tumbled marble tiles are ideal for marble kitchen backsplashes, wine cellars, and wall murals. The tumbled edges and rough surface will give accent tiles and tile murals a more rustic, old world appearance. Tumbled marble has no built in spacers and needs to be sealed with a penetrating marble/stone sealer.

*Intended for indoor wall usage only

Textured Glass Tiles
6 inch tiles
Our textured glass offers a unique look to any accent tile or mural. Images are applied to the backside of the glass to protect wear and abrasion. In addition to kitchen backsplashes, shower/bathroom tiles and wall murals, glass tiles can be used as floor tiles.

*Intended for indoor wall or floor usage