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Artichoke is a classic still life on decorative tiles. The rich hues and complex design are perfect for creating an old world kitchen backsplash design. Tumbled marble tiles will bring out the old world charm of this kitchen tile mural.

Giovanna Garzoni was an Italian painter of the Baroque era. Her paintings include luscious still-lifes of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

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Tile Material Choices

ceramic tiles 

Ceramic Tiles
4.25 & 6 inch tiles
Our ceramic tiles are ideal for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom tiles, shower/tub enclosures, and wall murals.  We use Dal ceramic tiles with  built-in spacers for easy installation.  The smooth satin finish will add a smooth, vibrant appearance to accent tiles and murals.

*Intended for indoor wall usage only

tumbled marble tiles

Tumbled Marble Tiles
4 & 6 inch tiles
Our tumbled marble tiles are ideal for marble kitchen backsplashes, wine cellars, and wall murals. The tumbled edges and rough surface will give accent tiles and tile murals a more rustic, old world appearance. Tumbled marble has no built in spacers and needs to be sealed with a penetrating marble/stone sealer.

*Intended for indoor wall usage only

Textured Glass Tiles
6 inch tiles
Our textured glass offers a unique look to any accent tile or mural. Images are applied to the backside of the glass to protect wear and abrasion. In addition to kitchen backsplashes, shower/bathroom tiles and wall murals, glass tiles can be used as floor tiles.

*Intended for indoor wall or floor usage