Wildlife Tile Murals and Decorative Tiles

From serene to playful, decorative wildlife tile art adds beauty to your home. Ceramic tile murals with wildlife scenes that will accent kitchens, bathrooms and more. Wildlife tile art collection features a beautiful selection of wildlife oriented tiles and murals..
Momma wolf and pups on decorative tiles
Wolf and wildflower decorative tile mural
African Safari featuring Giraffes on decorative tiles
Purple Finch bird kitchen backsplash tile design
Colorful songbird and Pine tree decorative tile design
Colorful songbird tile design for kitchen and bathroom
Colorful North American bird and flowering tree on decorative tiles
North American Geese and Mountain tile mural
Safari inspired wildlife tile mural for kitchen or bathroom
Iris floral and song bird decorative tiles
Safari wildlife tile for kitchen or bathroom

Popular Wildlife Tile Murals and Decorative Tiles