Apple Urn Accent Tile

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Apple Urn by Frankie Buckley depicts an apple and urn. This beautiful watercolor blends Neo-Classical style of the urn with a country kitchen feel of apples. Looks great on tumbled marble and will add a classic look to any country kitchen backsplash tiles.

Frankie Buckley is a watercolor artist from Mississippi. Frankie has won numerous awards and her art has been collected throughout the United States and Canada. During the Reagan Administration, she was invited to hang one of her original paintings in the White House. Fourteen of Frankie's paintings were selected to hang in the Mississippi Pavilion at the World Fair in
New Orleans.

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Accent Tiles

We also sell our popular designs on single tiles, also known as accent tiles.  Add a colorful accent to any kitchen backsplash tiles or bathroom tiles.  The possiblities are endless!